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Diversify Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Diversification is an emerging market sourcing company, providing sourcing and procurement sources for middle market manufactures and industrial partners throughout the United States.

About Us

We are based in the United States and are an ideal fit for manufacturing companies located in the United States looking to source parts and components from countries around the world.

Our founders have been sourcing components from across the global since the early 80s and are well versed in the obstacles and risks involved and what to avoid when sourcing products from emerging markets.

With our headquarters in the NYC metro area, you will be talking to an American in the Eastern Time Zone.

How We Can Help

Our expertise is sourcing components for manufacturing and industrial markets. A sample of products that could be sourced for your company includes metal forming, all types of casting, stamping, powder coating and injection molding components.

Whether it is replicating a current design for a lower cost or designing a new component from scratch, we will walk you through the process from concept, design, and sample to end product.

Sourcing Results

Supply Diversification = Revenue Security

SE Asia Sourcing LLc

Sustainable Bottom Line Savings

In addition to immediately procuring competitively priced products from emerging markets, we will help you set the foundation to achieve future sustainable savings throughout your operations.

SE Asia Sourcing LLc

One Stop Solution for Your Customer

We will source requested customer products so your company can provide a full suite of components beyond what is manufactured on site. Become a one stop solution for you customer and capture all revenue earning potential, including drop shipments to customers with global operations.

SE Asia Sourcing LLc


With the constantly changing political environment, a company should explore not only having vendor diversification but country of origin as well. Our key strengthen is identifying and procuring products outside of China with established, reliable and quality controlled vendors.


  • Speak directly to a US based company with extensive experience in sourcing from across the globe
  • Quick response and same time zone with no language barrier to understand your concerns
  • Network of vetted suppliers to meet your needs
  • Assistance with obtaining terms and quality control


1. Where are you located?

We are located in NYC metro area

2. What kind of products do you source?

Our expertise is in sourcing components, not end products.

3. What type of components?

Anything involving metal forming, fine fabrication, sand casting, investment casting, lost wax, thin wall, permanent mold, gravity casting, plastic injection & compression insert, stamping, and powder coating.

4. What type of businesses do you work with?

We work with small to multi-national companies that are looking to procure goods for export or local operations in markets around the world.

5. We are a small business that has never sourced components in Asia before, can you help us?

Absolutely! We will walk you through the process and answer any question, no question is too odd. We understand sourcing products from countries outside the USA can seem overwhelming and we are here ensure a smooth process.

6. Where do you source from?

With the changing politic environment, we believe a company should no longer rely on China as the only solution. We source high quality components from markets across the globe, to help your company protect itself.

7. How can I get started?

Contact us to discuss your needs. There is no cost to your company to discuss your needs, obtain samples and receive price quotes.

Send Us a Personalized Message With The Contact Form!

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